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My Dad Was an Example of Trust

A Playboy magazine. A dusty dirt road. A son spying.

This is a story of trust and fathering second to none. It’s a tribute to dads who inspire their sons. It started in the seat of a blue Chevy truck. It led to a best-selling book and a world thought leader on the concept of trust.

David and Clarence Horsager

David and Clarence Horsager

David Horsager, author of the best-selling new book, The Trust Edge, is a remarkable guy. At 83, his dad Clarence is quite the man, too. Clarence earned his pilot’s license at 74. He earned his #1 dad’s license long before that.

Mistakes Define You

Brandon Steiner is one of my multi-millionaire, check bouncing good buddies. His New York-based, Steiner Sports is the largest distributor of specialty sports memorabilia in the world. Brandon works with the big time athletes.

You wouldn’t hesitate to accept a measly $1500 check from a big hitter like Brandon, would you? Me neither.   READ MORE