Our Story

It’s really dumb to think you’re smart

It was the afternoon of November 1st, 1980.

I had just sold my son’s winter jacket at a yard sale for $6.
I needed the money.

My business had flopped. My home had been sold. I lost everything.

Ego shattered; life as I knew it had ended.



It was horribly embarrassing, but 100% my fault. I had been living an illusion.

With an elite law school education, I thought I was incredibly smart. My ego agreed. Then, I got toasted by a competitor who made a wicked-smart move.

Remember the movie ‘Top Gun’? My ego wrote checks my smarts couldn’t cash.

I was a beat up example of the difference between being educated and being smart.

My dad “Chubby” came to the rescue — not with money, but with savvy. He told me what happened and explained why. I came back big. Chubby taught me what to do when, when to say what, and when to shut up. He taught me what others seemed not to know. It made me millions, set me free, and made my life.

After my sons were born I so wanted to be a great dad. It was my #1 priority in life. So, I looked back on how my dad had helped me. Our adventures together, our father-son talks, his savvy advice, and the examples he set.

I began sharing Chubby stories with my sons. Our most memorable times. What I learned. How it helped me in life.

My boys were intrigued. They begged for more. Chubby’s lessons on life became the hot topic at dinner and during long car trips.

What happened next?

My sons started telling Chubby stories to their friends. Those kids naturally began sharing stories about their dads. It didn’t take long before those kids’ dads were telling stories about their dads.

All of a sudden, I was flooded with story after story of remarkable fathering. It became a bible on how to be a great dad.

That’s why I created Savvy Dad — to share lessons from smart dads for all dads to see. It’s the best resource on fathering I’ve ever seen.

It’s designed to help dads raise remarkable kids.

Greg Hague