My Dad Was an Example of Trust

A Playboy magazine. A dusty dirt road. A son spying.

This is a story of trust and fathering second to none. It’s a tribute to dads who inspire their sons. It started in the seat of a blue Chevy truck. It led to a best-selling book and a world thought leader on the concept of trust.

David and Clarence Horsager

David and Clarence Horsager

David Horsager, author of the best-selling new book, The Trust Edge, is a remarkable guy. At 83, his dad Clarence is quite the man, too. Clarence earned his pilot’s license at 74. He earned his #1 dad’s license long before that.

From my good friend David:

“When I was about 10, my dad and I were in the bean fields checking the irrigators on our farm in North Central Minnesota. Between fields, Dad stopped the pickup, spotting a bit of trash in the road.

I was always taught to ‘help keep the land clean,’ so I opened my door, reached out and picked up the trash. It was a Playboy magazine. Without a word, Dad swiped it away and stashed it under the seat.

We drove from field to field, from irrigator to irrigator. We said not a word.

I thought about what Dad had so often said. That kind of stuff was harmful and bad. It encouraged disrespect for women. It could hurt your marriage. It was a first step down a very low road.

Once we got home, Dad went to the workshop. I helped mom in the house. A bit later, I found myself peering out the window toward the workshop. I could see my dad well. He could not see me.

I watched as Dad pulled himself out from under the tractor and walked to the truck. He reached under the seat and fished out the magazine. Then, without glancing down for a second, he strode over to our shop stove and unceremoniously tossed that Playboy into the fire. He had no idea I was watching.

My trust in Dad was put to the test that day. He aced it with stars. That was only the start. I watched him walk what he talked, year after year.

How many fathers would have taken a peek? It might not seem like much, but to me it said all. My dad was an example of trust. He stood incredibly tall. Thanks to a dad I could trust, I teach it today.”

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