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Uniqueness Can’t Be Bought

“But find something that you absolutely love doing. And then get to love the way you do it. That’s the uniqueness of all of us. That’s it.”

—Al Lewis

Today’s story is contributed by Bryton Neck.

My name is Bryton Neck and I’m 14 years old. My Dad is a Professor and I must admit at times I have tuned him out as he tried to lecture me on something about life and about success. But the older I get, I’m starting to see that some of Dad’s advice is really cool stuff and really makes sense.

Lately, I have seen him working harder than ever. He seems to always be up late and then up again really early in the morning. READ MORE 

“Do Better,” Said Dad

Business was dismal. Competition tough. Orders slowed. References led to dead ends.

Today’s story is from Annette Barnard.

I considered my assets. It wasn’t my product — I offered the best. But my marketing department… well, it needed some help.


Annette and her father, Walter A. Williamson

1962. My name is Annette. I was 12. My enterprise? Baby-sitting. Determined to rise to the top, I needed an edge.

I went to my father. I had a thought. “Dad, can I use your typewriter?” I asked. “Go for it,” he said. “But make it great.”

I typed away. A draft emerged. Not my best, but it would do. An advertisement of sorts; I’d plaster the neighborhood. “Dad, can I use your mimeograph machine?” I asked (this was before the days of printers). Again, my Dad complied. “Just make it shine,” he said. READ MORE