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Uniqueness Can’t Be Bought

“But find something that you absolutely love doing. And then get to love the way you do it. That’s the uniqueness of all of us. That’s it.”

—Al Lewis

Today’s story is contributed by Bryton Neck.

My name is Bryton Neck and I’m 14 years old. My Dad is a Professor and I must admit at times I have tuned him out as he tried to lecture me on something about life and about success. But the older I get, I’m starting to see that some of Dad’s advice is really cool stuff and really makes sense.

Lately, I have seen him working harder than ever. He seems to always be up late and then up again really early in the morning. READ MORE 

Chicago Bears Time

“Arrive on time and you start from behind.”

Today’s story is from Chris Neck.

My daughter’s soccer team. The Chicago Bears. What do they have in common? My daughter wanted to know.

Chicago Bears Time

Tommy Neck (41) in action with Chicago Bears

“Dad,” said GiGe. “Soccer practice starts at 3. When mom takes me, we get there on time. When you take me, we get there at 2:40. Why?”

“Mom’s on the clock most people use,” I said. “Me — I’m on Chicago Bears time.”

GiGe knew her grandpa — my dad — played for the Bears. He was a star. Tommy Neck. Cornerback & Safety. The invincible Chicago Bears.

1962. His rookie year. Practice. The first day. A dream for most athletes, a dream for most men. READ MORE 

Learning to Leave a Worthwhile Legacy for Our Children Through Finding Nemo

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:   One is roots, the other is wings.”

–Hodding Carter

Today’s story is the brainchild of Chris Neck.

Finding Nemo. A movie for our children. A dad message.

Give our children freedom

Finding Nemo

Nemo was born with a deformed fin. Marlin is Nemo’s dad. Marlin lost his family to the perils of the ocean. Only Nemo survived. Marlin is determined to protect Nemo. He insulates his son from all risk. It’s his job as Dad, Marlin thinks.

But Nemo feels smothered. He rebels and swims off. Marlin screams, “Come back.” The more Dad pleads, the faster Nemo swims. Because Nemo was over-protected by Dad, he has no experience avoiding danger. A scuba diver captures him. Nemo is taken away in a boat. Marlin, the good dad, pursues.    READ MORE 

The Higher the Price the Shorter the Line

The Higher the Price the Shorter the Line…

Chris Neck is so young to have climbed so high.

Author of Five Books. Motivational Speaker. Management Expert. University Master Teacher. Business Week Professor of the Year.

Chris mesmerizing the crowd

Chris mesmerizing the crowd

Who showed him the way? Often it’s moms who inspire. They make the difference. They light up our days. It’s an inspiring story of struggle and fear.

In the words of my friend Chris:

“Dreams. Win the lottery. Captain of industry. Rock star. My dream? To have thousands of people crowd an auditorium to hear me speak and inspire them to a more rewarding life.

Since childhood, I’ve tried to do the difficult things others couldn’t, or wouldn’t. At 15, I ran my first marathon.