Learning to Leave a Worthwhile Legacy for Our Children Through Finding Nemo

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:   One is roots, the other is wings.”

–Hodding Carter

Today’s story is the brainchild of Chris Neck.

Finding Nemo. A movie for our children. A dad message.

Give our children freedom

Finding Nemo

Nemo was born with a deformed fin. Marlin is Nemo’s dad. Marlin lost his family to the perils of the ocean. Only Nemo survived. Marlin is determined to protect Nemo. He insulates his son from all risk. It’s his job as Dad, Marlin thinks.

But Nemo feels smothered. He rebels and swims off. Marlin screams, “Come back.” The more Dad pleads, the faster Nemo swims. Because Nemo was over-protected by Dad, he has no experience avoiding danger. A scuba diver captures him. Nemo is taken away in a boat. Marlin, the good dad, pursues.   

Miles of Ocean. No Nemo. Frenzied sharks. No Nemo. Mazes of jellyfish. Still, no Nemo. Swallowed by a whale. “Nemo, where?” Dad won’t quit. Find Nemo or die.

Halfway around the world, Marlin finds Nemo. Jubilation ensues. Nemo is the same son. He’s not the same fish.

On the long journey home, crisis occurs. Dad, son, and a school of fish become snagged in a net. Dad tries to save son but can’t get it done. End of the road? Thanks to Nemo, no.

The son with the deformed fin cleverly leads everyone out of the net. Dad is surprised. Dad is proud. Dad learns a lesson. Nemo shows Dad he can swim—even with a bum fin.

Dad realizes by keeping his son from failing he has kept him from succeeding.

How does it end? Nemo and Dad swim home, fin to fin. They discover they are the same, but have changed. Dad is no longer over-protective. Nemo wants Dad around more. Go figure.

Little story. Big message. Not just for dads.

A chance to fail is a chance to succeed.

This wonderful story is the brainchild of Chris Neck, Professor of Management at Arizona State University. Thank you good friend.
Finding our children

Marlin, the father of Nemo

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