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Better, Faster, Cheaper

“You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.”

—Oprah Winfrey

Today’s story is about Air Jordans and Brian Hague.

better, faster, cheaper

The Hague brothers, Corey, Casey, and Brian (l to r)

Over time and after a few missteps, we tend to learn the inescapable trade-off between better, faster, and cheaper. It’s a great lesson to share with our daughters and sons.

When my son Brian was seven, he asked Santa for a pair of basketball shoes. These weren’t just any basketball shoes. These were the latest, coolest, most talked about shoes on the planet.

The year was 1985. Nike had just released the “Air Jordan,” named for the Chicago Bulls’ draft pick and superstar, Michael Jordan. At the time, these were the most expensive basketball shoes on the market.

Feeling Uncomfortable — A Trade-Off

Feeling Uncomfortable — A Trade-Off

The first date. That big interview. A trip to strange lands.

This is about strain…and the chance for gain.

Our guest today is a new father, author, speaker and entrepreneur, soon a PhD. Jordan Jensen is a young man, an overachiever extraordinaire.

Jordan Jensen

Jordan Jensen and his father

Who showed him the way? A quite savvy dad…a long ago time.
It’s a childhood story of fear. It’s a life message all kids should hear.

At 11 years old, did I ever feel uncomfortable on that camping trip? A week in the woods, the longest I had ever been away, a lifetime it seemed. I wasn’t making friends. I felt alone. I was out of place.   READ MORE