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Dad Got Mad

Life lessons from Chubby (my dad) and other smart folks I’ve met on the road.

Casey, Me, Brian, Corey, Jason & Tanner ready to play

Casey, Me, Brian, Corey, Jason & Tanner ready to play

“Greg, STOP!” Chubby scolded.

“I can’t,” I replied. “I’m writing tomorrow’s Savvy Dad. I do one each day.”

“Greg, you forgot what I taught you 50 years ago,” Dad sternly said.

“What’s that?” I asked in a curious way.

“Moments!” Dad shouted. “Don’t blow big moments. Remember our special moments together?”

“I sure do,” I said as my mind wandered back to the day.

“Wish we could have a few back?” Dad wistfully said.

“Gosh, Dad,” I replied. I’d love that.”

“Greg, this is a very big moment. Your four boys just traveled ‘cross country to be with you on your birthday. Dive in. Don’t waste a second. You’ll look back and be glad.”

Dad was so right. My kids are all here. They came just to see me. Our Savvy Dad readers will understand.

The lesson I learned from Chubby today?

Big moment? Savor the day.

4 wheelin’ behind our Wyoming ranch with Brain, Corey and Casey

4 wheelin’ behind our Wyoming ranch with Brian, Corey and Casey

“We didn’t know we were making memories.
We just thought we were having fun.”

No Mulligans for Mickelson

Mulligan — a “do over” in golf.

Today’s story is about British Open winner Phil Mickelson.

Phil Mickelson just won the British Open. Some say it’s his most important win to date. But as a father, “Lefty” might disagree.

Reflect back 14 years…

It was the morning of June 17, 1999. Mickelson teed off in his first U.S. Open. If that’s not pressure enough…

His wife, Amy, back home in Arizona, was ready to deliver their first child. They had a deal — Amy would page Phil if she went into labor. He would walk off the course and fly home. Phil understood there would be other tournaments, but there would be no do over, no mulligan on the birth of their child.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

On the last day of the tournament, on the 18th green, Payne Stewart drained a fifteen footer for par, beating Mickelson by one stroke. In a memorable moment, Stewart promptly walked over to Mickelson, grabbed him by the cheeks and said, “You’re going to love being a father.”

Phil’s wife did go into labor during the Open, but she didn’t alert the soon to be dad! Fortunately, it was a slow labor, and Phil made it back in time.

His daughter, Amanda, was born the next day. READ MORE