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Burnt Biscuit

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

—Tom Stoppard

Today’s story is from Art Ernst.

Burnt biscuit

Art Ernst

Most Savvy Dad stories are special. Some are what we call 10+. That means as good as they get. On that scale, this is an 11.

We found this story floating around the Internet in different forms, “author unknown”. A bit of detective work by our own Chris Neck turned up the original author, original story and some very cool background.

Heat up your coffee. Pour some more tea. Savor this moment. You’re in for a treat.

We’ll start with the email Chris received from the now 85-year old author. Then, in its original form, enjoy one of most touching dad stories (and best life lessons) you’ll ever read. READ MORE 

Learning True Kindness from Dad

Learning True Kindness from Dad

Ralph’s nightmare had just walked through the door, a masked man there to rob his store.

Sam Rasoul

Sam’s dad, Ralph Rasoul

As a convenience store owner, few figures were more terrifying. It was a rough neighborhood. Some had been shot.

Ralph saw no weapon, but the man’s menacing tone was scary enough. He instructed Ralph to hand over the cash. Ralph’s hands trembled as he pulled the bills from the drawer.

As the clandestine thief turned to rush out, something flashed in Ralph’s mind. Was it the gait? His voice? He realized he knew who it was!