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Guns N’ Roses N’ Dad

“I mean we all need a second chance sometimes.”

—Joel Osteen

Story contributed by Andrew Loos.

Every kid should have the good fortune of throwing an awesome high school party his friends will talk about for years. In Kansas, where I grew up among a group of fervent teenage metalheads, it was a God-given right.

highschool years

Andrew and his dad Doug circa 1992

So naturally when Guns N’ Roses and Metallica announced they would be making a stop in my hometown on their world tour, I seized the opportunity to plan such a shindig before we all departed for the concert. Like so many tragically missed opportunities in our young lives, this concert-of-a-lifetime happened to be taking place on a school day. But we weren’t going to let that stop us.

Mom was out of town with my brother at tennis camp and Dad, out of town on business. In hindsight, it almost seemed too perfect. So at 9:30 a.m. that day, we gathered at my empty house to get the festivities started. READ MORE 

Learning True Kindness from Dad

Learning True Kindness from Dad

Ralph’s nightmare had just walked through the door, a masked man there to rob his store.

Sam Rasoul

Sam’s dad, Ralph Rasoul

As a convenience store owner, few figures were more terrifying. It was a rough neighborhood. Some had been shot.

Ralph saw no weapon, but the man’s menacing tone was scary enough. He instructed Ralph to hand over the cash. Ralph’s hands trembled as he pulled the bills from the drawer.

As the clandestine thief turned to rush out, something flashed in Ralph’s mind. Was it the gait? His voice? He realized he knew who it was!