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A Father’s Advice on Borrowing for His 10-Year-Old Daughter

School was out! I hopped on the bus headed for home.

Today’s story is from Katie McDevitt.

A young lady of 10, a 10-year-old, I was anxious to play outside with my friends.

A father's advice for his 10-year-old

Jim Reid, Katie’s dad

As we rounded the corner, there was my house. My face squished tight to the glass. What did I see? In the front lawn, my little red bike. Why was I distressed?

Stop for a moment. Pretend you are me. What do you see?

A “For Sale” sign tied to the bars of my bike. “For Sale?” I thought. My red bike was my life.

What had I done? Really! I was just a a 10-year-old. Want to relate? Imagine someone towed off your car! I jumped off the bus. Ran ‘cross the yard. Flew into the house.    READ MORE 

Dads Need Their Kids

Dad was proud. So was I.
I had worked hard to stand on that stage.

by Greg Hague

May 1974. Washington D.C.

Law school graduation. What a magnificent day!
Dad, Greg and son Casey

May 2012. Another proud dad on his son’s magnificent day. My son, Casey’s law school graduation (with me).

I felt like I’d made it in life. Such innocence. It makes me smile today. The ceremony concluded. Chubby left with me. I drove. We were alone.

My dad was normally a talkative man. Not that day. Strange? We drove blocks without saying a word. He then looked over and said, “Greg, would you like to stop for a snack?” I said, “Sure, why not.” I was always up for a snack.    READ MORE 

Father’s Advice

Are you a sports fan? I don’t mean the casual type.

Today’s story is from Jenna Lazenby.

You dream in team colors. The night before games, you don’t sleep. If you’re into sports, you know my dad.

father's advice

Jenna and her father, Roland Lazenby

Roland Lazenby has written more than five-dozen books on basketball and sports. He’s appeared on ESPN Sports, CNN, NBC and Fox News. My dad shakes hands with the best in the game. They smile, wave, and often call out his first name. Kobe Bryant, Tex Winter, Phil Jackson… to name a few.

I’ve always been able to bask a bit in Dad’s light. Like when I was 20 years old, we flew to Chicago and after a game, I joined players and press in the locker room. There I was standing next to The Man, Michael Jordan.    READ MORE 

Ronald Reagan’s Fatherly Advice on Love

It was a watershed moment…a big day in his life.

Reagan Family 1981

Reagan Inaugural Family Photo 1981
Michael standing third from left, holding his son Cameron

1971 – Michael Reagan was about to be married. His dad wanted to share important advice.

A brilliant man, Ronald Reagan imparted much to his children, but perhaps most touching were his lessons in love. It was a subject this famous father knew well; his legendary marriage to Nancy spanned half a century.   READ MORE