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My Uncle Greg Told Me A Family Secret

I didn’t have a dad growing up. Mom raised me, for the most part.

Today’s story is from Jason Fields.

I did have an uncle. His name was Greg. Uncle Greg taught me something special about me. It was 1981, another bleak, freezing Cincinnati winter.

A family secret

The ‘Panther’

My name is Jason. I was 5 at the time. The memory is vivid, even today. Standing in the Cincinnati Kmart.

Longingly gazing at the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…a jet-black Huffy “Panther” BMX bicycle.

Chrome spokes, riding pegs, trick handlebars, and “panther claw” grips! My heart pounded at the thought of riding this powerful steed.    READ MORE 

A Father’s Advice on Borrowing for His 10-Year-Old Daughter

School was out! I hopped on the bus headed for home.

Today’s story is from Katie McDevitt.

A young lady of 10, a 10-year-old, I was anxious to play outside with my friends.

A father's advice for his 10-year-old

Jim Reid, Katie’s dad

As we rounded the corner, there was my house. My face squished tight to the glass. What did I see? In the front lawn, my little red bike. Why was I distressed?

Stop for a moment. Pretend you are me. What do you see?

A “For Sale” sign tied to the bars of my bike. “For Sale?” I thought. My red bike was my life.

What had I done? Really! I was just a a 10-year-old. Want to relate? Imagine someone towed off your car! I jumped off the bus. Ran ‘cross the yard. Flew into the house.    READ MORE