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Son Fired by Two-Hatted Dad!

Today’s story is from Tom Leonard.

My dad wears two hats. It started like this.

two hatted dad

Tom Leonard and his father Stewart

“Tom, join me in the hot tub. Let’s talk,” said Dad. Pretty cool, I thought. Hot tubbin’ with dad. A father-son chat. Why not?

And, I was due for a raise. I’d worked at Dad’s store for months. He took me on when I quit college. Dad wasn’t pleased when I bailed out of school. But he swallowed hard and gave me a job. That worked for me.    READ MORE 

Dads Need Their Kids

Dad was proud. So was I.
I had worked hard to stand on that stage.

by Greg Hague

May 1974. Washington D.C.

Law school graduation. What a magnificent day!
Dad, Greg and son Casey

May 2012. Another proud dad on his son’s magnificent day. My son, Casey’s law school graduation (with me).

I felt like I’d made it in life. Such innocence. It makes me smile today. The ceremony concluded. Chubby left with me. I drove. We were alone.

My dad was normally a talkative man. Not that day. Strange? We drove blocks without saying a word. He then looked over and said, “Greg, would you like to stop for a snack?” I said, “Sure, why not.” I was always up for a snack.    READ MORE