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The Lure of the Distant and Difficult

by Greg Hague

Life lessons from Chubby (my dad) and other smart folks I’ve met on the road.


“Greg,” Chubby advised. “The smartest thing you’ll ever do is surround yourself with people smarter than you.”

When I met Bruce, I knew Dad was right.

The definition of smart? Bruce.

A few years ago I was talking with Bruce about one of my entrepreneurial visions. BOLD. AUDACIOUS. A game changer, for sure.

Bruce listened with intensity, a glow in his eye. Excited? No doubt. Then he spoke up, “Greg, I think your idea is remarkable. But why?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Why is this something you want to do?” he answered.

I didn’t get it. What did he mean? Bruce said he thought the idea was remarkable.

Bruce continued. A different perspective. And he was 100% right, “Greg, the lure of the distant and difficult is often deceptive. Your idea is bold, audacious, maybe even a game changer. But you missed one thing, IT’S REALLY HARD!”

Bruce was right. The project would be very difficult. It would take a huge investment of time, money and drive.

Bruce continued, “Greg, I know you LOVE challenges. You have a burning desire to conquer, to prove yourself. I respect that. Just be careful that your ‘go for it’ attitude doesn’t make you travel far to find hard when easy is right at your feet.”

What did I learn from Bruce that day?

The lure of the distant and difficult is often deceptive.

Look for great opportunities where you are now.

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