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Duck Dynasty – A Swamp Romance

“I think our culture needs more grandpas riding along with grandson and girlfriend.”

—Grandpa Phil Robertson, Duck Commander, Swamp Date Captain

Today’s story is about John Luke Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

John Luke Robertson is one lucky kid. He is the heir to the Duck Dynasty fortune. He regularly appears on the family’s wildly popular TV show. And he is smitten with Emily, his first real girlfriend.

duck dynasty

Duck Dynasty Dudes: (l-r) Phil Robertson (Grandpa, patriarch and founder of the Duck Commander company), Jase Robertson (Phil’s son, in charge of manufacturing), “Uncle Si” (Phil’s brother who makes reeds for the company’s famous hand-crafted duck calls), and Willie Robertson (Phil’s son and Duck Commander CEO–also John Luke’s Dad).
Photo courtesy of A&E.

At 14, he’s not old enough to drive — a car, that is. An alternative? Grandpa’s boat. A young man with a plan. A fishing date, deep in the swamp. True bayou romance. Alone with Emily. A chance to get close.

“Tell you what — I’ll take ya’ll fishin’,” Grandpa Phil says.

Uh oh. Clearly a misunderstanding. Not what John Luke had just asked. But how do you argue with a man cleaning his gun? And so an awkward fishing date ensues. John Luke. Emily. Grandpa Phil at the helm. READ MORE 

Mr. Back-Up Plan

“Son, things in life will go bad. And while you can’t change that… you can have a back-up plan.”

—Bob Gomlicker

Today’s story is from Mike Gomlicker.

My name is Mike Gomlicker. My dad’s name is Bob. He won’t bore you with chatter, meaningless talk. Those words above were his best. They define who Dad is.

backup plan

Young combat pilot Bob Gomlicker

Air Force combat pilot. Commercial airline captain. My father held lives in his hands during those years. In my dad’s hands is a great place to be.
Emergency time? Cool & calm. Quick to react. Dad responds in a flash like bad was the plan. He’s told me stories. Things that happened. Fathers & sons; daughters & moms; innocent lives in his care.

But Dad thought ahead. Whatever went wrong, he knew what to do. While others relaxed and daydreamed before a long flight, Dad would go think, somewhere alone. READ MORE 

Conway Twitty’s Son Had Three Dads

“I’m often asked what it’s like to be Conway Twitty’s son.”

—Michael Twitty

Today’s story is from Michael Twitty.

Country music icon. Thousands of performances. Millions of fans. Folks look at me with pity or awe. Awe, because I’m a Twitty, after all. Pity, because everyone knows famous musicians don’t have much time for their kids. It’s true.


Young Michael with granddad Papaw

Meetings. Practices. Recording. Interviews. Touring. Dad was constantly on the road. I didn’t see him a lot growing up. It’s what he was. It’s what he was born to be.

But don’t feel sorry for me. Growing up, I had three dads — not one. Papaw (Dalton Floyd Jenkins), my granddad, he was a steamboat captain on the mighty Mississippi. My uncle Howard was also there for me. And Conway, my natural dad.

When Dad was on tour, he would call every day. But he arranged more than a chat on the line. When Dad was away, I had Uncle Howard and Papaw for play. READ MORE 

Daddies Die, But They Never Go Away

His life was cut short in ’93 at just 59.
Harold Lloyd Jenkins shaped music history.

Never heard of him? Yes you have. His stage name… Conway Twitty.

Conway Twitty son Michael Twitty talks about Dad — an exclusive interview with Savvy Dad.

Conway reigned supreme in country music with fifty-five consecutive number one records. He played with Elvis, Johnny Cash and other legends at Sun Studios.

father and son

Michael Twitty with his father, Conway Twitty

He reached into outer space when his famous hit “Hello Darlin” was broadcast between American and Russian astronauts—a gesture of international good will.

But this is not about Conway, the star. It’s about Conway the Dad. Savvy Dad interviewed Conway’s son, Michael Twitty (a stage name too — Michael was born Michael Lloyd Jenkins).

We learned “That’s My Job” — a song about fathers, the impressions they leave, the love they bequeath — was more than a hit song. It’s family history, one of Michael’s best memories of Dad.

Chicago Bears Time

“Arrive on time and you start from behind.”

Today’s story is from Chris Neck.

My daughter’s soccer team. The Chicago Bears. What do they have in common? My daughter wanted to know.

Chicago Bears Time

Tommy Neck (41) in action with Chicago Bears

“Dad,” said GiGe. “Soccer practice starts at 3. When mom takes me, we get there on time. When you take me, we get there at 2:40. Why?”

“Mom’s on the clock most people use,” I said. “Me — I’m on Chicago Bears time.”

GiGe knew her grandpa — my dad — played for the Bears. He was a star. Tommy Neck. Cornerback & Safety. The invincible Chicago Bears.

1962. His rookie year. Practice. The first day. A dream for most athletes, a dream for most men. READ MORE 

Meet the Master of Goodspeak

“As human beings, we have the ability, and the choice, to lift people up or to put them down.”

Wise words from Bob Burg—and he would know. He’s made a career of uplifting others, while teaching them, in turn, to do the same.

Bob Burg and his dad

Dad and me

Bob shares his wisdom in best-selling books like Endless Referrals and The Go-Giver. He inspires jam-packed audiences including Fortune 500 companies.

Bob Burg is our Savvy Dad guest today. Bob’s dad, Mike, taught him a key lesson on life …Goodspeak.

Mike is the Master of “Goodspeak”.


Dad Was This Huge Looming Presence

“I was very conscious that [Dad] was this huge, looming presence…”

—Joe Hill

Today’s story is about Joe Hill.

So you want to be a writer. You’ve picked a tough trade. Many try. Few succeed. But you’ve got an edge. One hell of an edge.

dad is a looming presence

Writer Joe Hill, son of Stephen King.

He’s the world’s best best-selling author. Fifty novels. Fifty-million sales. Stephen King is his name. Most would kill for that “in”. You lucked out. The King of Scream is your dad.

You’re a lucky guy — the son of the King. As an aspiring writer, what do you do to leverage Dad’s name?

A crazy move most would say. You change your name!

What happens? You struggle for years. You write. Submit. Rejection, day after day. You soldier on with your “art.” You try not to get down. You peck away in obscurity. Just like every other writing schmuck.

Then, your stuff starts to catch. On your own, you become a best-selling author. Award-winner. Genre-shaper. Critical darling … before anyone knew you were Stephen King’s son.    READ MORE