Chubby Rules      

Three Calls A Day was Chubby’s Way

Chubby (my dad) followed an ironclad “act of kindness” regimen every day, seven days a week.


He called three people for one reason – to ask how he could help.

Three calls a day.  No exceptions.  Even on holidays.

Dad was meticulous about keeping each conversation short (he told me he tried to limit calls to less than ten minutes) and linear (he said the calls should be focused on only one thing – how he could help them.).

After a brief hello and some small talk, Dad would ask if everything was going well – in business, family and health – and then ask,

“Is there anything I can do to help you?”

That was it.

When Chubby made these calls he meant what he said (and always made a genuine effort to help when asked).  It was among his favorite things to do each day, often among the first on his list each morning.

Chubby’s life, both personal and professional, was structured around rules and habits.

“Rush with good news, drag your feet with bad.”

“Go full steam ahead, but keep your options open and be willing to shift on a dime.”

“Live with clarity about who you are and how you want others to see you – and be proactive about furthering your ‘you’ every day.”

“Make three short ‘How can I help?’ calls each day.”

The Savvy for Today? 

Gotta go . . . I haven’t made my three calls today.

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