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One More Day

“There are no answers… only choices.”


Today’s story is from Mike Stewart.

One more day. With your father. Your son. What would you give? I sat on the edge of Mark’s hospice bed, his hand in mine. I gently brushed the thin, wispy hair back from his forehead. “He’s gone,” the nurse whispered from behind. The words I had feared for five years.

One day at a time.

(l-r) Mark’s dad Mike , Mark, and his brother Mike

I have never understood why my son’s fate was to die young. I don’t expect that I will. My name is Mike Stewart. This is the story of Mark. He was my son.

So bright, funny. A regular comedian, and smart as a whip. Successful… respected in his professional career. Mark was that one person in anyone’s life… that one person who makes you believe, who gives you hope, who pulls you through.

But cancer doesn’t discriminate. The diagnosis was real. A parent’s worse fear. Not Mark. Please God, anything but this. Don’t take one of my kids. But I had to be strong for my son. Together, we had to beat this thing. But I was terrified, as any father would be. READ MORE 

Spend Another Day with Dad

The Savvy Dad is about how fathers impact our lives. Today is an exception. It’s about how we impact theirs.

The young graduate

The young graduate

It was 1966. I was a senior at Cincinnati Country Day High School. The family was proud. No one – not Chubby, my dad, not my mom, not my sister, not one of my grandparents or a parent of theirs had ever attended one day of college. I would be first.

This meant so much to my dad. It was an unfilled dream realized through me.