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Are You Happy with Who You Are?

Are You Happy with Who You Are?

“People focus on role models; it is more effective to find anti-models — people you don’t want to resemble when you grow up.”

by Greg Hague

This morning a Savvy Dad friend and story contributor (and really smart guy), Michael LeBoeuf, reminded me of that quote from a great book, The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb.

Greg Hague, Savvy Dad

Me, Greg, a few years back.

It made me reflect back to a Saturday breakfast with Dad at Perkins Pancake House in Montgomery, Ohio. I was 12, maybe 13. It was our father-son tradition — the highlight of my week for years. We were sitting across from each other in a dark-red shiny booth next to the window, looking out at the road. It was a cold, icy morning. I can still picture the massive platter before me, stacked high with five syrup-laden pancakes, hash-browns and a double order of crispy bacon.   READ MORE