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3 Ways To Make People Like You

by Greg Hague

People are attracted to people who look like, act like, and have interests similar to theirs.

Want to hit it off instantly with the people you meet?

1. Reflect their look. 

2. Mirror their actions. 

3. Know their interests. 





* Dress slightly upscale of those you’re likely to meet.

* Each day presume you’ll run into someone who can open a life-changing door. You might.

* Don’t be boring! I have a few handmade ties with tiny Swarovski crystals embedded in the material. They elicit compliments and help me stand out in a positive way.   

I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we do.





* When you first meet people, adjust to their vibe.

* Be sensitive to their handshake and squeeze back with a similar grip.

* Be more animated with an enthusiastic person and tone it down with a somber type.

* Speak with a similar rhythm and speed.





* Research people you’re going to meet. It’s easy with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

* When you are invited to small parties, call the host in advance for the scoop on the guests.

* Before attending large events ask for the seating chart. Identify the people you want to meet. Keep notes tucked away in your pocket for a quick glance before you wander over to their table.


Savvy Says . . .

“If you work at making friends you may never have to work again.”


Sparklin’ Man

Life lessons from Chubby (my dad) and other smart folks I’ve met on the road.

It wasn’t the words. It was how they were said.

His eyes? Right in your face.

His handshake?  Electric.

He sparkled from morning to night.

Chubby Rule Spaklin' Man

I’d sit in his office and listen for hours on end. Each call, each meeting, every hello; he was the focus, the man in command.

One day I asked, “Dad, why are you so full of energy, like ‘really alive’?”

“Greg,” he said. “Stand up.”

And stand up I did.

For the next 30 minutes we practiced handshakes.

Chubby Rule Handshake

Big smiles. Hearty hellos. Grasp deep in the palm.

Look straight in the eyes. Shake from the elbow. Stiffen that arm.

Dad even showed me how to use my left hand to overlap his right. He said that projected warmth and personality.

That night at dinner, Dad asked what I learned.

“Well,” I answered. “How to shake hands.”

“Anything else?” Chubby inquired.

I didn’t know.

He paused; then brought it all home.

“Greg, people live like it’s a crime to stand out. Why?  To me, life is a choice. Cringe in the shade or shine bright in the room.”

What I did I learn from Chubby that day?

Be bold. Liven things up. Shine bright in the room.