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Bad Dads

“Presence is more than just being there.”

—Malcolm Forbes

Essay compliments of Savvy Dad friend David Hirsch.


At times we don’t know what to do. But that’s OK. Our kids know one thing for sure. We care. We’re there.

Bad dads

Sad young girl

Making mistakes, too. It’s just part of life. It works out just fine. Why? Our kids know. We care. We’re there.

Tough love? It’s hard for us, hard on our kids. But it works out. Why? Our kids know. We care. We’re there.

Often we wonder. Are we doing it right? It’s hard to gauge. Until we read something like this about bad dads.

The words of a girl whose dad walked away. He didn’t care. He wasn’t there. It’s by Guadalupe, an 8th grader in Chicago, Illinois.

The assignment? Write a short essay on “What My Dad Means To Me.” READ MORE 

A Powerful Man, A Good Dad

“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.”

—Pope John XXIII

Today’s story is about Tim Russert as a son and a good dad.

good dad Tim Russert

Good dad Tim Russert with son Luke
(photo courtesy of Today)

A Powerful Man
He shaped world thought. He influenced your vote. Those who abused power? Fried “live” on the tube.

As Meet the Press host, Tim sparred with the best. Rocky Balboa with “knock ‘em dead” words. At just 58, in 2008, Tim Russert departed too soon. Today is about Tim as both father and son.    READ MORE