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Kids Don’t Die Young

Kids Don’t Die Young . . .

The order of things.

by Greg Hague

Greg Hague's son, Corey

Corey today.

We presume an order to life.

  • Have kids when we’re young.
  • Die when we’re old.
  • Dads pass before sons.

It’s not always that way. June 30, 2000 – Corey’s 19th birthday. A new high school grad, Santa Clara awaited that fall. This young man exemplified ethics, kindness, quality friends…everything right. We went with Corey to a party at his best friend’s home.   READ MORE 

How Young Men Succeed in Life

Savvy Dad is usually about what we learn from our dads. Today is different. It’s what we learn from our kids.

Corey, doing what he never imagined -- loving each day.

Corey, doing what he never imagined —
loving each day.

I could write glowingly of each of my sons. In fact, I plan to. How they’ve handled their challenges in life. How far they’ve come, and how proud I am.

I’m starting with Corey. He’s incredibly smart and a really great guy. I feel certain his brothers agree.

Most young people have a burning desire to make it, but don’t know how. Or, they think they do, but really don’t. The latter is probably more often the case.   READ MORE