Life Lessons From Remarkable Dads

“Don’t look back — you’re not going that way.”


Today’s post is a collection of life lessons.

My dad said lots in very few words. In one sentence he often said all. These nuggets of savvy I call “Chubby Rules,” named for my dad.

I’ve shared Chubby Rules with my sons for 25 years. Some were from Dad. Others I’ve gathered along the way. At Savvy Dad, we write stories about remarkable dads. What they do. What they say. How they impact their kids.

Today we do something unique. It’s a collection of lessons from an array of great dads. It’s a gold mine of savvy in very few words — modeled after Chubby Rules from my very own dad. Here’s an original Chubby Rule:

“Learn something about everything, everything about something.”

life lessons

Life Lessons with Stories From Remarkable Dads

A Couple More

Listen to the angel inside
Remember a scene from the movie Animal House. The coed passed out on the bed. Devil on one shoulder. Angel on the other. What to do? Put her in the grocery cart and take her home.

What can I do for you?
I belong to a Roundtable of 30 led by Harvey Mackay. The members are among the most successful in the world at what they do. What I noticed from day one with every single one? “Greg, what can I do for you?”

life lessons

“What My Father Means to Me”

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