Dads’ Good Hearts Give Kids Great Starts

Some make it in life. Many don’t. Rita Davenport did.

Reese, Rita’s grandaughter

Reese, Rita’s grandaughter

Best selling author. Hall of Fame speaker. Arizona Woman of the Year. Arbonne International President for 20 years. Wife. Mom. “Nana” to granddaughters Reese & Claire Ray. A treasured friend.

Who started her right? Who shaped her life? Many dads talk. Her dad taught by example. He walked the talk.

From Rita’s own pen, a fond memory:

Daddy taught me by example, ‘What goes around, comes around.’

As a mechanic, he never passed a motorist with car trouble that he didn’t pull over and try to help. Sometimes as a smart mouth teenager concerned about being late I’d complain “did he have to stop and help everybody in the free world with the hood up on their car?” He’d say ‘Yes, little lady I do, cause someday my babies may be out on a highway, and someone will stop and help them, cause I’m going to stop and help this feller right now.’

I’ve been out on a highway before, and had car trouble. The folks my Daddy stopped to help were nowhere around. But somebody else always stopped and helped. I’d whisper to myself, “Thank you Daddy!”

Greg, I wish you could have known my Daddy. He was amazing!”

This so touched my heart. The contrast is vivid and right. Dad – a mechanic. Daughter – a star. He showed her the way by doing each day.

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