Dad, Please Help Me!

At the Hyde household, love was abundant; resources were few.

Today’s story is from Justin Hyde.

“What we ate for dinner had often roamed the forest that day. Neighbors were miles apart,” Justin explained. As a boy, Justin longed to hunt with his dad. He pleaded, but was told,

“Justin, you’re too young.”

Justin Hyde

Justin Hyde (right) and dad, Kevin Hyde (3rd from right) with family and friends

The day finally came. Justin was 6. Justin’s dad carried his gun. The sling was too big for Justin’s tiny shoulder. They started the trek up the mountain. Justin remembered, “It seemed like we walked forever.” Father and son moved quietly through the brush, “We didn’t want to frighten the prey.” Shadows grew long. Darkness began to fall.  

“Finally, Dad found our spot,” Justin recalled. “We crouched in the brush. We waited. Our breath…the rustle of trees…no other sound.

Suddenly, an elk jumped out and shot into the brush. Dad quickly leapt up. ‘Don’t move from this spot,’ he ordered. In a flash, my father was gone.

I was alone…I tried to be brave. Seconds, then minutes, passed. My breath quickened, and panic set in. What if something happened to Dad? What would happen to me?

‘Dad,’ I whispered…then again, and then louder once more. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Finally I cried out,

‘DAD, PLEASE HELP ME! Where are you?’

Suddenly, from behind a tree a few feet away, my father appeared. ‘Justin, I’ve been here the whole time. I would never, on purpose, leave you alone. Catch your breath, calm down. I did this for a reason. Now, tell me, which way is our home?’

We had walked for miles. I couldn’t say. In the dim light, I saw only trees. My father gently grasped my small hand. We then climbed up through the woods and reached the high ground. He said, ‘Justin, if anything ever happens to Dad, walk to high ground.’

He pointed to a faint glow in the darkness below. ‘Look for the light, just one light. That’s our home.’

‘Your Dad’s not always going to be around, Justin. When you feel scared or alone, go for high ground. There’s something bigger looking out for you.’

I nodded. I understood. Together, we knelt to the ground. We prayed–for our family; our home, the woods, and the creatures that roamed.

We thanked God for giving us each other, this wonderful life…for helping us find the high ground, and helping us know the way home.”

Justin Hyde, our guest today, is a dear friend and remarkable man. A father himself, at just over 30, Justin has already achieved great success. He is co-founder of The Hyde-Norton Group, a world-wide strategic planning and risk management firm. He also owns interests in auto dealerships, health clubs, resorts, ranches, hotels, bio technology firms and the Utah Blaze pro football team.

Justin founded the annual Rocky Mountain Economic Summit & Retreat, an invitation-only event covered live by Bloomberg TV, CNB, and Reuters.

Justin served on Mitt Romney’s Finance Team as the Wyoming State Finance Chair, and is a leader in the Boy Scouts.

Justin is quite the man, with quite a dad.

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