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Raising a Kid-ney

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.”

—William Shakespeare

Story contributed by Jimmy Sheils.

raising a kid

Jim going out for a surf shortly after his 76th birthday, with his son, Jimmy, 2010

Raising kids is tough business.
Any dad can identify.

Growing up without a dad is tough business.
Any kid can identify.

What would a dad do to save the life of his son?

What would a son do to save the life of his dad?
Read this letter from Jimmy to his father. You’ll understand. Jimmy Sheils is the son. Jim the dad. Dad faced a life-threatening crisis. READ MORE 

Man of Few Words

“Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.”

—Fr. Jerome Cummings

Today’s story is from Mark Victor Hansen.

As co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, I’ve had ample opportunity to write about my father. Oddly enough, though, I never have. I guess that makes me a man of few words, at least in this respect.

My name is Mark Victor Hansen. This is my story untold — a look back at my dad, and how I came to know him 20 years after he passed.

“Men of few words are the best men.” —Shakespeare
Man of few words

Mark and his dad, ready to ride.

He was a Danish immigrant. No academics. Broken English.

A man of few words. That was my dad. He worked as a baker through the Depression, earning pennies a day. He survived on leftover bread. Tireless work ethic. Simple principles. Just survive each day.

I was born in ’48. My three younger brothers soon followed. “The four boys,” he often said.

Throughout my childhood, Dad was consistent, stoic, as well. He never waivered, and seemed immune to self-doubt. While deeply caring as a man and a dad, he seemed unable to communicate how he felt. He would order the “what” without explaining the “why”. READ MORE 

Dad’s Wisdom on the Basics of Living

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

—William Shakespeare

Today’s story is from Katie McDevitt.

College graduation. Celebration for most. Bittersweet for me.

Dad's wisdom

Mom (Ellen), Brother (Ryan), Katie & Dad (Jim)

The man who got me there wasn’t there. He died a year ago. Kidney failure. At 45. Too young. Not fair.

Graduating without Dad didn’t feel right. Actually, it wasn’t right. My father knew it was coming. We had time to talk. Not enough time to catch all of dad’s wisdom, of course.

So he left me a letter. It was two years before I could read it for the first time. The letter was not just about love or how much he cared. I knew. He knew I knew.

It was about how to lead a happier life. Four nuggets of dad’s wisdom. Not esoteric stuff. Dad was not that kind of guy. It was common sense guideposts for living more right. Dad would be honored to know his wisdom might help you in some way.    READ MORE