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My Dad Has A Special Appreciation for Living

“Difficult hurdles give us an appreciation for living others don’t have.”

Today’s story is about Janie Hite.

My name is Janie Hite. I am 4, a big girl now. Thanks to my dad and another kind man I’m alive today.

appreciation for life

Janie Hite

I was born with serious problems most babies don’t have. The medical terms don’t matter – they’re just big words. With some luck and good care, I’ll be fine. I won’t grow up to typical height. I’ll look a bit different. But I can live a long, happy life.

When I was 2, I almost died. Two men saved my life — Dr. Ben Carson and my dad.

“Emergency surgery,” the doctors exclaimed. The problem? Something scary called “water on the brain.” I needed a difficult operation few knew how to do. I needed it right then to keep me alive.    READ MORE