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The Father of Aerobics – Dr. Kenneth Cooper

The next time you’re sweating your way to a healthier life, gasp a “thanks” to Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

Dr. Cooper is our special Savvy Dad guest today. Dr. Cooper is a famous father — the father of aerobics. As you will see, his dad … and mom inspired him to help others live a longer, healthier life.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the father of aerobics

Dr. Kenneth Cooper,
The Father of Aerobics

Dr. Cooper is known worldwide for inventing the term “aerobics.” He authored the 1968 book by the same name, and launched a health movement that swept the land and endures to this day. Dr. Cooper advocates keeping your body fit and strong to prevent disease—true primary care.

As Dr. Cooper puts it, “…Health insurance is really disease insurance…Primary care is a misnomer and, in reality it is secondary care; taking care of people when they are sick.”   READ MORE