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Have You Learned About Vacuums Yet?

“Once you let go of all the negative people in your life…positive ones appear.”

—Autumn Kohler

Today’s story is from Megan.

Dad raised me from 9. Mom left us that year. My brother was 7. Those were tough times.

the vacuum, the void

Megan in Hawaii

We did have one bit of luck. Dad won a trip to Hawaii. The catch? Tickets for two. He’ll probably take Ryan, I thought.

Wrong. Dad asked me along!

Me and my dad. A trip with just him. Right after Mom left. You can’t know what that meant.

Dad and I spent a week doing it all. We inspected each beach. We examined each shell. We ate off the same plate. We even toured the Dole pineapple factory, my hand tucked tightly in his. READ MORE