Joe Bonsall & The Oak Ridge Boys – G.I.Joe

“I am not ashamed to admit that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.”

—Hedy Lemarr

This story is courtesy of Joe Bonsall & The Oak Ridge Boys.

This story is told through melody and verse. Joe Bonsall and the Oak Ridge Boys have a special treat for you today as they perform “G.I. Joe and Lillie”.

It starts like this:

“He was a streetwise kid from Philly. Just 1944, joined up in Uncle’s army, hit the beach before the war. A decorated hero…”

Now, Joe Bonsall & The Oak Ridge Boys:

More about Joe’s Dad:

Oak Ridge Boys

Joe’s dad, Joseph S Bonsall Sr.

“I knew he came from an abusive, alcoholic, and dysfunctional family. I knew he had run away and joined the Army. I knew about D-Day, St Lo, and his Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Purple Heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters. I knew about his nightmares and his drinking problems.I also knew he was a hard worker. He loved my sister and me, and especially his Lillie with all of his heart. I knew he was only 39 years of age when he had his debilitating stroke. And, I knew he spent his entire disabled life feeling badly about what he perceived to be his shortcomings.

I knew he loved WWF wrestling and fried chicken. I knew he liked to boo the Phillies and that he cried on Christmas mornings. I knew that he came to love God, and he certainly loved The Oak Ridge Boys.

He was very proud that his son made something of himself — despite his fear that little Joey might turn out to be useless because he was not mechanically inclined and couldn’t hammer a nail straight into a piece of wood, even if his life depended on it. (I still can’t do that very well.)”

A special thank you to Joe Bonsall, The Oak Ridge Boys and The Huffington Post.

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