How Fathers Change Lives — Whatever It Takes

“It is much easier to become a father than to be one.”

—Kent Nurburn

by Greg Hague

Enjoy your life? So do I. Janie Hite, too. Any doubt?

Janie Hite

Janie almost perished just after entering life. She’s with us today because of her dad. John Hite rallied in the middle of the night. He did what dads do:

Whatever it takes.

Here’s Janie’s story… “My Dad Has A Special Appreciation for Living”

Tomorrow we’ll share a story about 400,000 remarkable dads. It’s on what their kids wrote in an essay contest called, “What My Father Means To Me.”

Here is an example from Jessica, 1st grade:

“My Dad takes me to the zoo with My sister and brother. My dad has 3 jobs. One of them is a mailman and he is a teacher at Parkland College and he is a pizza carrier. My dad means a lot to me. He gave me my first fish. He sings me stories. He is number 1 in my life. He is almost better than God.”

I don’t know Jessica or her dad. But I do know that this man works as a teacher, pizza carrier and mailman. He does what so many dads do to support their kids:

Whatever it takes.

I had a remarkable dad. His name was Chubby. Chubby’s story is ‘Our Story.’ What did he do?

Whatever it takes.

Which brings me to our brand new (and first) book, “How Fathers Change Lives”

How Fathers Change Lives

Our brand new (and first) book!

It’s a ‘Chicken Soup’ collection of 52 stories about remarkable dads… fathers doing whatever it takes so their kids can live a happier life.

“How Fathers Change Lives” has been on Amazon for just a few days. It’s already earned over 35 five-star reviews. Endorsed by Harvey Mackay (“Swim with the Sharks” fame) and Mark Victor Hansen (“Chicken Soup” fame), many say it’s the best book of 2013.

“How Fathers Change Lives” Buy this book! It’s really that good. If you don’t like it send me an email and I’ll send you a check. (You can still keep the book.)

It’s a wonderful Father’s Day gift for a dad or a friend.
It’s only $11. Here’s the Amazon link:
“How Fathers Change Lives”

All of our stories have a life lesson. Today’s is one of the best:
Going for an “A” on a test? Building a business? Selling a book? Want to be a great dad?

The question? What does it take?
The answer? Whatever it takes!

Don’t forget… BUY THE BOOK!

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