Thank God He Picked Me

“If you have one true friend you have more than your share.”

—Thomas Fuller

by Greg Hague

1971. I was a college grad with a dream. Clarence Darrow. Silver tongue. Courtroom master. So off to law school I went in Washington D.C. An attorney. That would be me.

First day. First class. The professor’s first words? “Look at the person to your left, and then to your right… one of you won’t make it past the first year.”

friends then

Bob and Greg then.

I looked to my right — there sat Bob looking at me. No doubt we were both thinking the same. At the end of semester, who would remain?

A liberal, bold, outspoken kid from New York. A far cry from conservative, Catholic, Republican me. I soon learned most of my classmates were from the east coast. To them, I was a bit strange. I felt the same about them.

The first week, a law student mixer was planned. Bob was there. So was I. Someone suggested forming two informal law student softball teams. A way to blow off steam when we weren’t studying to avoid flunking out.

About 30 guys showed up at the field the following day. Bob was nominated as one of the two captains. Didn’t think much of it at first. I would be a top pick for sure. After all, I had been fairly popular in college. Fraternity. Drummer in a hot band. A pilot’s license, and motorcycle, too.

But I wasn’t the first pick. Or even the second. It didn’t make sense. The situation became dire. I began to perspire. Soon, it was down to the wire… Only two of us left. Bob’s pick…

I thought, please God, don’t let me be last. Then, as Bob turned away to take the field he said, “I’ll take the Miami guy.” It took me a second to catch on. I was wearing my Miami sweatshirt. I was saved!

It’s funny how quickly life can teach you a humbling lesson… In three minutes I’d gone from distraught that I wasn’t picked first to grateful I wasn’t picked last!

I don’t remember if our team won that day.

But I do know I won that day… Bob Glovitz became a remarkable friend.

Best friends during those three years of law school. Double dates. Carousing Georgetown bars. Grueling hours of study.

We took some crazy trips together during those law school years:

We crash-landed my dad’s plane on a remote beach in the Bahamas. Lucky to live through that.

After watching the movie Deliverance, we rented a canoe to traverse Class V rapids, without a clue what we were doing. Of course, we flipped right away, lost everything, and were stranded in the West Virginia back country. Lucky to live through that.

We dated some pretty wild girls, drank too much and partied too hard. Lucky to live through that.

We skied black diamond slopes on the toughest of mountains. Fell hard. Hurt bad. About froze to death. And loved every miserable second.

After graduation, we spent every waking minute together studying for the bar exam. We still credit each other with our respective success on that challenging exam.

Next, we founded a successful company together. When interest rates hit 20% in the 80’s, we watched it go bust together, too. It was stressful for both of us. But Bob never wavered.

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.”
—Walter Winchell

Bob interviewed many, but hired Roseann as the bookkeeper when we started that firm. She became the love of my life and is at my side today as I write.

So much of the good in my life — I owe to Bob. He is my Jerry Maguire. My “Ambassador of Quan.”

He and Cheryl (who I also adore) just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. I stood there 30 years ago as best man.

friends now

Bob and Greg today.

Their sons, Blake and Adam, are like sons to me. I remember the day each came into the world.

Bob, Cheryl, Roseann and I have lunch together almost every Sunday. Our families join together for lunch every Christmas eve.

At Savvy Dad, we usually write about fathers. And we are today. Bob is a dad beyond compare. So Blake & Adam, pay attention. You read Savvy Dad (or so you say). This is your lesson today. Be a friend to your friends like your dad is to me…

Take the time. Reflect on good times. Tell friends you care.

And Bob, one last thing. Thanks for all the memories, and for picking me that day.
Your friend ’til the end,


Bob Glovitz and Greg Hague reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bob has founded several successful businesses, traveled the world, regularly breaks 80 on the golf course, and married over his head (Cheryl). Greg is an Arizona attorney, is miles over his head (with Roseann) and manages Savvy Dad with his son, Brian.

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  1. Greg

    Thank you David. It sure made me feel good to make Bob feel good by telling him how much I care. I’m going to make an effort to do that often with the many people, like Bob, who have helped me over the years. Greg


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