Controlling Your Concentration

According to a British study, your IQ drops by 5 points when stoned, 10 points when distracted. In other words, you are 2X dumber when phoned than when stoned. Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, referred me to the study and mentioned that:

On average, we are distracted every 11 minutes.
It takes up to 25 minutes to fully regain concentration.

Heavenly distractions

Heavenly distractions

Typical distractions? Twitter, email, phone, texts, news updates, apps, games, people interruptions & purposeful multi-tasking.

In most cases, you do it to yourself. You “can’t resist.” It’s a form of addiction. You crave being wanted. You need to feel needed.

If you want to get big things done, you need to control this reactive, escape-for-the brain instinct. It is the productivity challenge of the times.

Direct from Darren Hardy:
“When you control your attention, you control your life.”

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