Daughter becomes Nashville Music Star

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow”

—Abdul Kalam

Today’s story is from Nicole Johnson.

Nicole dreamed Nashville… and Dad.


Nicole and her dad.

You may recognize Nicole’s lovely face… and golden voice. At just 18 she appeared on “The Voice,” Season 3. Nicole didn’t just “appear” on that stage. Her dad (and mom) gave up much so their girl could play.

Nicole had a dream — then only thirteen. Come hell or high water, she was determined to succeed. She told Savvy Dad, “I was young, barely a teen, but I was focused, intense… committed that nothing would stand in my way.”

However, at thirteen you need more than talent and grit. You need parents willing to sacrifice big. It started with expensive coaching, a burden on Dad. And, Nashville was the place to perform — where anyone trying to make it in country music needed to be.

But the Johnson family roots? Firmly planted in Louisiana.

Eight and a half hours on the road each way, to gigs, shows, practices, lessons, meetings, song-writing sessions. Mom was the one behind the wheel while Dad worked hard to fund it all.

nicole johnson


Mom even homeschooled Nicole so she had freedom to travel, practice and perform. Days on the road. Nights on the couches of colleagues and friends. For Nicole and her mom it was no way to live.

What happened? Dad led the way. Nicole’s family made the kind of decision not seen much today. Nicole’s father had a great job. Louisiana was all they knew. They had just built their dream house. Nicole’s little brother had friends and attended a great school.

The family conferred. A decision was made. “We uproot to Nashville so Nicole has a shot at it all.” Her father found a new job. Nicole’s brother changed schools. Her mom gave up that special Louisiana home.

Nicole told Savvy Dad that her dad, mom and brother all agreed to put their lives on hold so she had a shot at the gold. But the sacrifice didn’t end there. Dad’s job didn’t work out. He went back to Louisiana. He found a partner and purchased a small car dealership.

Now building that business has become Dad’s dream, and the way to further Nicole’s. Even though Nicole’s dad lives far away, he visits Mom and the kids every weekend. He makes it to all of Nicole’s shows.

It’s become a father-daughter team — in the end, both pursuing their dreams.

Now a treat. Listen to Nicole sing.

Nicole Johnson got her first guitar and wrote her first song at the age of seven, (the title of which she misspelled– “Miracl”). She wowed judges and audiences around the country on Season 3 of NBC’s “The Voice.” Just shy of 19, Nicole continues to live and work in Nashville today.

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