Dad Took Me Shopping for My First Date

Brimming with joy, I was ready to fly.

Today’s story is from Kimberly D. Green Yates.

My first date. It was time. He was a handsome guy, savvier than I. Quite a bit taller. Dark eyes.

Dad first date

Kimberly and her dad

Dinner, for certain. Dancing perhaps? Would he open my door? Should I kiss him goodnight? Money was tight, but my parents both said,

“It’s your first date, let’s do it right.”

Mom told me what to expect. How to act like a lady in every respect. Dad took me shopping. Shiny white shoes. A faux fur stole, purse to match. The coolest thing? A gorgeous blue dress.

Dad spotted it first. New in the store. A lustrous blue with a touch of fine lace. It hugged snug to my waist and blossomed below. The skirt jumped high in the wind when I spun on my toes.

The night finally arrived. With polish and grace he opened each door. He cradled my hand as I stepped from the car. He rushed to slide back the chair as we readied to dine. We talked about me, what I so loved, what were my dreams.

Back to my house, the evening concluded so nice. A gentleman’s kiss on a blushing red cheek.

“I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life.”

It’s been 37 years. I still see this wonderful man. He’s taught me finance, business, travel and such.

But what did I learn that mattered most?
How men should treat a woman each day of her life.

I saw it in action that wonderful night. You’ve probably guessed. My first date was my dad. I was just 4.

first date with dad

Kimberly and her husband Mike Yates

Kimberly D. Green Yates — I am 41 years old, married to an absolutely amazing man, Mike Yates, with 4 gorgeous daughters — Lily is 16, Isabella is 12, Emma is 10 and Sofia is 2 weeks old.I am a geriatric specialist who consults, gives lectures and seminars all over the country on skilled nursing and rehabilitation. I own my own consulting firm, ELI Healthcare Consulting. I am a medical speech language pathologist by background. I have 2 brothers, Eddie and Jimmy, and a half sister, Darla. (Dad was married very young before he married my mom). I live in Jenks, Oklahoma.

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