Dad, I’m so proud of you.

‘Dad, I’m so proud of you.’

Greg Hague's sons

Corey, Brian, Casey & Jason
I’m so proud of my sons.

This morning my son made me sad. We were talking about Savvy Dad stuff. There was a momentary lull in the conversation. Then Brian said,

“Dad, I’m so proud of you. What you’re doing is so special – and you’re working so hard. Just wanted you to know how I feel.”

My heart lit up. Are there more powerful words between father and son?

There is nothing like the magic between fathers and sons. Dads want sons to be proud. Sons feel the same about dads.

My father died 30 years ago. I remember him vividly – like we had pancakes just this morning.

I doubt I realized it at the time, but what mattered most to me – over cars, girlfriends, sports and fun – was what Dad thought. More than from friends, mom, or my sis.

What did I want? For Dad to be proud of me.

It really is magic – that special bond between fathers and sons.

It’s the #1 thing that drives me each day. I want my boys to be proud. Dad, too. Is he looking down? Could he have spoken through Brian? I hope so.

One of my favorite movies is Top Gun. You may think it’s about a hot-shot Navy pilot, a tragic accident and a gorgeous girl.

It’s really about a father and son.

When Maverick quit the Top Gun program because of his guilt over Goose’s death, he visited his commander’s home. Commander Metcalf discloses the classified, secret truth behind the death of Maverick’s dad, also a fighter pilot, “Yeah, your old man did it right. Is that why you fly the way you do? Trying to prove something?”

Maverick needed to know his father “did it right.” He wanted to be proud of his dad. He flew jets like a banshee to prove to his dad that he could “do it right,” too.

So, why did Brian make me sad?

I realized I hadn’t said “I’m proud” enough to my dad. Or, to Brian and my other sons.

I won’t make that mistake again.

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