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Do the Right Thing

Mom Taught Me to Do the Right Thing…


LSU basketball coach Dale Brown accomplished what most do not. “The Coach” became the remarkable man he aspired to be.

LSU Coach Dale Brown

LSU Coach Dale Brown

Louisiana Legend. Basketball Hall of Fame Coach. SEC Coach of the Year. TV & Radio Analyst. Author. Speaker. Movie Consultant.

Who impacted his life? Who showed him the way?

Often, it’s moms who step in with that fatherly hand. These remarkable women bring in the bread, nurture as mothers and mentor as dads. Coach Brown had such a gift in his life.

It’s an inspiring story of Mom, written by Coach Brown for The Savvy Dad:


Learning to Do What You Say

Learning to Do What You Say…

Sometimes others become like a dad in our life. It happened to Brandon with Alzie the cook.

Brandon Steiner is a best selling author, gifted speaker and head of New York-based Steiner Sports. He is also a big-hearted guy and wonderful friend.

In Brandon’s words:

“Aside from my mother, who taught me most of what I know about business, my most influential mentor was Alzie Jackson, the head chef at Camp Sussex in New Jersey, where I spent many summers – first as a camper, and then as an employee, in Alzie’s kitchen.

Brandon stirring the soup

Brandon stirring the soup

Alzie might have taught me the most important lesson there is to learn in business: How to build trust. If you don’t have people’s trust, they’ll never want to work for you, or buy from you.

After a few years of working my way up the kitchen ladder, I was Alzie’s right-hand man one summer. I was responsible for making all the soups, and making sure dinner was served on time.