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Get Smart in 6 Minutes a Week

by Greg Hague Guess what? I discovered how to get smart in 6 minutes a week! Back in 2010 when I got the top score on the bar exam, I had only 4 ½ months to learn what most people beat their brains out studying for 3-4 years. I had to cram a ton of […]Read more

How Did You Know?

by Greg Hague How did you know? In 1959, my friend, Harvey Mackay, purchased a struggling envelope firm in Minneapolis. Today it is one of the largest in the world, with 500+ employees selling over 25 million envelopes a day. How did he do it?  Four simple words: How did you know? Let me explain. […]Read more

World's Best Father - Dave Engledow

by Greg Hague World’s Best Father – Dave Engledow Today it is our honor to publish a Savvy Dad interview with “World’s Best Father,” Dave Engledow. You probably already know him through many of the photos we have shared on the Savvy Dad Facebook page.  Dave’s wonderfully creative photography, depicting hilarious images of him and […]Read more

Writing Killer Emails Part 2

by Greg Hague This is part two of a three part series. Emails from you? I read every one. I often learn more about people from emails than anything they do. Are they articulate? Can they spell? Do they proof or just type and shoot?  Emails are a resume, a window into who you are. Want […]Read more

Coach Crosby

“Seize the moment - I once got a call from a buddy during class. He said he had a ticket to the Michigan-OSU basketball game in Columbus. Tip-off was in six hours and we were 200 miles away . . . it was a great game.”Read more

Writing Killer Emails

by Greg Hague This is part one of a three part series.   DELETION MACHINE I often feel like a deletion machine. Bang, bang, bang . . . how fast can I dump all those unwanted emails?  Bet you do too. But then you hesitate. An email subject line grabs your eye. You think, I don’t […]Read more

3 Ways To Make People Like You

People are attracted to people who look like, act like, and have interests similar to theirs. Want to hit it off instantly with the people you meet? 1. Reflect their look. 2. Mirror their actions. 3. Know their interests. Read more

A Tip to Establish Instant Rapport

A world-class network of friends? To me, that's job #1. My friend Bruce says, “Deals don’t make you money, people do. How true. Whatever you want, someone else has.Read more

Are You Digging Your Well?

My friend, Harvey Mackay, has a New York Times bestselling book entitled “Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty” that says it all. It’s the definitive guide to how to cultivate deep, meaningful, needle-moving relationships. The book is a bible for how to cultivate connections today that will benefit you for the rest of your life.Read more

How My Sons Could Fail in 2014

I could do the normal “rah rah” dad thing about the importance of goals and how to succeed. But they’ve heard all that. And this negative thing is better.Read more

The Power of Fear . . . Kill the Bear

In one of my favorite movies, The Edge, billionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins), and fashion photographer, Bob Green (Alec Baldwin), endure a harrowing quest for survival in a brutally harsh, particularly treacherous area of Alaskan wilderness.Read more

Make 'Em Say No - Father to Son

Little things are everything. Listing one house may not seem like a big deal to you guys. At that time, to me, listing Julian's house was the difference between resounding success and abject failure. That day it was the ONLY DEAL, the only thing that mattered. Read more

Showing Up As They’re Growing Up

When I was young, my dad worked at a downtown law firm. They had every color pen and fun drinks in the fridge. My dad even had his own office with pictures of my brother, my mom and me. Read more

Three Calls A Day was Chubby's Way

Three calls per day. No exceptions. Even on holidays. Dad was meticulous about keeping each conversation short (he told me he tried to limit calls to less than ten minutes) and linear (he said the calls should be focused on only one thing - how he could help them.). Read more

Mario Andretti - Exclusive Interview Part 2

Mario_Andretti_1969 2After the end of World War II, and living seven and a half years in a refugee camp in Lucca, Italy, the Andrettis were granted their long-awaited visas to enter the U.S. Read more

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